5 things you can do tonight to reduce your
premature ejaculation


Hi, my name is Christian

Here are five more Free things you can do to last a little longer in bed...

1) Drink One or Two Beers Before Sex

If you don't drink, please don't start it for this occasion , because this will probably not make that much difference.

And what ever you do, don't get drunk, because that might even make the problem worse and defiantly make you less attractive to her.

But if you have a beer once in while anyway take this advise. Drinking one or two shortly before being with your lover can help you last longer.

Why ?

Premature ejaculation is caused by anxiety and having beer or two will help you relax and lessen any tension you may have (consciously or unconsciously).

This is similar to what many premature ejaculation medicine do. They include natural anti depression and anxiety remedies that will help your body relax during love making and therefore last longer. But unlike most drugs these are herbals and therefore there have no side-effects.

The medicine I took for a while and helped me until I found permanent solution is called "Ultra Control Pro". You can find it here...


2) Meditate or Relax Every Day

This will help your body and mind to get tension and anxiety out of the system and is much healthier way than using alcohol :-)

Just sit down for fifteen minutes a day and don't think about anything or do anything. This is how simple meditation is although it is very effective for every area of your live.

3) Masturbate Before

This is an old advise, but always effective. Make sure that your gun is not overloaded when you attempt love making.

Everybody come too fast if they haven't been with a woman for some time, especially if they are attempting to keep the load in.

So make sure you release it, maybe even few times before. Just don't do it right before you are with your woman because then you might not get it up.

4) Exercise / Work Out

Exercising and working out gets you in contact with your own body and relaxes it and reduces danger of anxiety and depression. This is the reason why working out is great to reduce the danger of premature ejaculation.

If you are not working out already, start it now...

Go to the gym, or just for a power-walk or jogging. This will energies your body and relax your soul. And even if you come too fast, you will most likely get it up again twice as soon.

This is totally different from the premature ejaculation exercise programs that I recommend as the best way to cure you. Like this one , which I think is the best...


But I urge you to keep on working out, no matter which solution you choose to cure your quick coming, because plus every other benefit, it will make you more powerful lover.

5) Focus on Her, Not You

One of the reason men come too fast is that they jump too fast into the stage right before orgasm when all the focus is on what YOU are experiencing and the feeling YOU feel.

Tonight, keep the focus on HER. Look at how beautiful she is. Notice how SHE reacts when you kiss her body and what SHE likes.

And ask her about it.

Notice how her face changes and the sounds she makes. Talk about what you would like to do with HER and how SHE will love it.

This is of course great when you use tip from my last email about having longer fore play.

I Hope These Tips Already Worked for You

All the 10 tips you have gotten should start working to some degree the first time you use them. Then as you practice them more and more they should work stronger.

However, they will unfortunately cure you...

They will give you the hope that you will one day last as long as you want and you will become a great lover.

To learn more about my suggestions to permanently cure your premature ejaculation, visit my page... http://www.ejaculation-under-control.com

Till next time,


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