5 things you can do tonight to reduce your
premature ejaculation


Hi, my name is Christian

I hope that today is going to be a happy day for you. Today you might experience for the first time hope that you can cure your premature ejaculation.

This hope might come when you find a way to last just a little bit longer than before. Those five tips here are not going to cure you, but they are going to help you last just a little bit longer.

1) Talk About Everything That Might Be Bothering You

Like I talk about on my site, http://ejaculation-under-control.com , premature ejaculation is most often caused by some anxiety, some emotional tension.

Communicating what is on your mind is a great way of cleaning out the anxiety and clearing the air.

Are you angry about something ?
Are you afraid of something ?
What about pregnancy ?
Are you worried about something ?

What ever is on your mind, talk about it with your partner, or someone else, before you have sex. When you feel relaxed you will last longer.

2) Try Different Position

As you know there are several position you can use. You don't always have to do the same thing. What is even better is that in some positions it is easier to last longer than in other.

For example I can last the longest if she sits on top off me and moves around on the meat. And what is even better is that women often have the easiest time climaxing from this position.

It actually varies a lot which position seems to be best for longer lasting, the thing here is to try things out. Are you ready to try something different ?

3) Take a Shower Shortly Before Sex

This is a great way to get you in the right mood before sex. You will feel fresher and more energetic and the shower will wash of the dull feeling that often causes men to come too fast.

The water will also numb the penis a little bit without draining it like desensitize creams will do. Just try it out and you will feel the difference.

Even better take a shower with your partner and have it as a part of the foreplay.

4) Have Longer Foreplay

One of the curse for men who tend to come too fast is that they are always in a hurry. It makes sense doesn't it ? Consciously or unconsciously they just can't take the time to have long passionate sex.

So start by taking longer time for the fore play. Kiss her all over her body, touch her everywhere and make sure that you don't stick it in until she is on the edge of exploding.

Play with her with your finger and tongue and finger her before you actually stick it in.

Actually the closer she is to coming (if she can come) the shorter you have to last for everything to feel good. So a least once in a while take good time for the fore play. Good time is a least twenty minutes.

An other reason for taking long time for the fore play is to get your self strongly aroused. Often the problem you have is not caused by being over aroused like most people think but not being aroused enough.

If you worry about something, and worries and other feelings most often cause premature ejaculation, then you are not aroused enough.

When you are aroused enough, nothing else matter than experiencing the great feeling of coming inside of her.

So use the fore play to arouse your self. Led your self totally into it and when you are you will last longer. Just try it out and you will see what I mean.

5) Get Her Off Orally First and Then Forget About Everything

If you still can't last long enough to bring her to climax (giving that she can actually come during intercourse) even if you use all the above approaches, just get her off orally by licking her till she comes.

If you don't know how to orally satisfy her, read this article...

When she is satisfied, just get on top of her in any position you like and get your self off. She is going to love you what ever you do because you have already given her great come. This will also help you relax the next time you have sex.


Now, these approaches might not cure your premature ejaculation but they will help you last longer. And as you get hope that there is something you can do to last longer you will be willing to work harder on the solutions that can really cure you.

I used to be the fastest quick comer and had no hope that I could be cured. This negative thinking was actually what kept me down for so long. Because finally I realized that it is actually not that tough to last longer once you are committed to work on it.

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