Are PC Exercises Good or Bad for Premature Ejaculation ?

" Some 'experts' claim that PC exercises,
i.e. exercising the PC muscles around the genitals
will make the premature ejaculation problem worse not better. I believe this to be totally wrong. "

The people that claim this say that the PC muscles are around the prostate gland, which controls the ejaculation, and by exercising those muscles you will stimulate it to have faster ejaculation.

This may be right in some cases but if so then something else is also wrong...

With healthy person all the muscles in the body are relaxed, flexible, and strong. However in the modern world this is almost never so.

The Reason for Muscle Tension Is Usually Not Overwork

If you have read any other of my articles on this site you know that anxiety is the main factor that cause premature ejaculation.

Any kind of anxiety will tense up some of the muscles in our body. Fear will often tense up your neck, anger tenses up your shoulders.

Sexual shame and sexual anxiety will defiantly tense up the area around your genitals. And when the PC muscles are tense they will actually press on the prostate gland all the time, stimulating it to have faster ejaculation.

So You Already Have Problem With the PC Muscles, So What Are You Going to Do About It ?

You have to exercise the tension out of the PC muscles, making them relaxed, flexible, and strong. Then they won't press on the prostate gland and stimulate it all the time.

On the contrary you will be able to use the PC muscles to control your ejaculation when you are getting close to ejaculation before you want to.

Your Premature Ejaculation Might Become Worse Before It Gets Better

When you start exercising the PC muscles you are changing old patters of being blocked down there. While you are loosing up and releasing the prostate gland, your PE might get worse for a short period of time.

This is where many men go wrong and blame the exercises. Like with many other things they want results now and can't wait for real results. This is one of the main problem with the character of premature ejaculators.

If you on the other hand keep on going, exercise several times a day, every day for couple of week, you will gain amazing control over the genital area and your ejaculation system. And even learn to have multiple orgasm.

Exercising the PC muscles is of course just one part of curing your problem, but it is an important part and can not be avoided in combination with other exercises. You can read more about how premature exercise program work here...




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