Premature Ejaculation, Therapy or Desensitize Cream...

" Does Man Who Suffers from
Premature Ejaculation Need
Therapy or Something to
Desensitize His Penis ?

Most people think that premature ejaculators suffer from having a hyper sensitive penis. This is however not true in most cases.

How would you explain that some men that bangs into everybody and have no awareness of other people comes in few seconds, when other more artistic "soft men" can last for longest time. Does the insensitive man only have feeling in his penis ?

Maybe, but the other man, is he not sensitive ?

The problem with premature ejaculation is that you do not feel the sensations strong enough. You are not putting out the energy and feeling what is going on. You have to feel the woman stronger. You have to love the woman more. You have to have more passion.

When you experience high level of sexual intensity with a woman you will love her so dearly and have such a positive passion for her that would never ever led her go.

And you will never premature ejaculate with her because making love for hours is just too good to led it pass.

That Is Why Therapy and Exercises Work so Great for Premature Ejaculation.

Using desensitize cream or spray could of course work to some degree. If you totally desensitize your penis you are probably not going to come at all. You are probably not even going to get it up. So in that sense it works.

But why have sex if you can't feel it...

In therapy or when you are practicing exercises you will train your self to feel everything stronger and get endurance to that feeling.

Like with all feelings, sexual intensity can be overwhelming. But by practicing and push your self to feel the feeling stronger, you will build up your endurance. You will be able to take the sexual intensity for longer time.

You will not disassociate and come before you want to.

The desensitize devises support you in a way to disassociate.

The Difference Between Desensitize Devises and Therapy or Exercises Is Simple

It is like you always got so excited when you ate your favorite Ice-cream that you spilled it all over the place.

If you use the desensitize way, you would just blend the ice-cream with milk or water so it did not taste so good. Then you wouldn't have to feel the great feeling of eating good Ice-cream and wouldn't make a fool out of your self spilling it all over.

On the other hand if you use the therapeutic or exercise training way, you would build up your endurance for great stuff like eating good Ice-cream.

You would train your self to relax and watch the Ice-cream calmly even if you could totally feel your self craving for it. Then you would eat it slowly feeling every movement with your hand and every sensation in your mouth.

Little by little, this would take some time, you would be more contained when eating the Ice-cream and you would not make a fool out of your self spilling all over the place or having to blend your good Ice with water.

This Is of Course Just an Example, But the Same Thing Goes for Premature Ejaculation Therapy and Exercises

You learn to approach sex and women in a relaxed way, feel everything stronger and take the feelings in instead of panicking and coming too fast.

This takes time and you won't see results over night. But instead of just desensitize the sex, both you and her will enjoy it more than ever.

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