Why You Can't Control Premature Ejaculation, And What To Do About It!

" To control premature ejaculation, lets look closer at what is going on when you can't hold of any longer. "

You go through several stages before you finally reach the fun place (or the dreaded place) of orgasm.

Every Man Goes Through the Same Process, No Matter How Long Or Short He Can  Last

I am going to make things simple by only splitting the whole intercourse process into three stages. You could if you wanted to make more precise splits but that is not necessary.

The Three Stages

  1. Stage One. You get aroused, your penis starts to get hard. This is what happens when you are kissing and starting to make out before any physical touching of the penis. Then you put it in and little by little you get more aroused and move over to stage two...
  2. Stage Two. You are moving inside the vagina, getting more and more aroused. Little by little the tension rises until you are in a sage of total ecstasy. You are panting. I honesty state that the highest level of this stage is the best feeling in the world, even better than the orgasm itself. That is why you should want to keep it for as long as you can. But inevitable , due to lack of time or premature ejaculation, you will at some point reach the boundaries of the next stage...
  3. Stage Three. I call this stage "The Place Of No Return", because once you reach this stage, no matter what you do, you will not be able to control your ejaculation. You might be able to stay in this stage for few seconds but once you are here you will ejaculate no matter what you do. This is of course great if you have had good time in stage two, but not if you reach this stage within seconds of entering the vagina.

What Happens When You Can't Hold Of Any Longer ?

What happens when you come too fast is that you jump almost immediately from stage one to stage three. You actually miss the best part of sex never really experience the intercourse fully.

If you are lucky, you might be able to stay in stage two for some time, but then you are not aware of when you are too close to stage three and cross the boundaries to "the place of no return" without noticing. This might be due to either Inexperience or Anxiety, like talked about on the previous page.

If you could notice when you are getting to close to stage three your subconscious would pull you back down away from it. Or if your subconscious would not do it you could use various techniques to do it.

The Main Purpose of Any Good Premature Ejaculation Treatment is to Prolong Stage Two

You of course want to get aroused and be able to have intercourse (stage one). You want to reach high level of sexual ecstasy (stage two). But you don't want to cross over to stage three, the point of no return.

There are several treatments meant to help you so you can prolong stage two.

Some of those treatments are great, others can do more harm than help. Let's take a better look at them and how each and everyone works. Because what is the most scary thing about

premature ejaculation treatments is that...

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