Delay Your Premature Ejaculation Like I Did 

" I didn't think there was any way to delay premature ejaculation. But there was. Learn how I did it. "

Hi, my name is Christian

It is a lot of shame related to comming too fast and not knowing how to delay premature ejaculation. The fact is that it isn't difficult to delay premature ejaculation, but the shame we have about it stops us from seeking help.

When I had the worst case of this I usually came in few seconds and then quickly turned my face away from my girlfriend and pretended to fall asleep.

But I wasn't sleeping. I was laying there fighting the voice in my head telling me what a looser I was.

It was finally my girlfriend who brought the subject up. She said premature ejaculation was ruining our relationship. Not just because neither of us was satisfied sexually, but more because my shame was walling her of.

She was right, but like I said I did not know any way to delay premature ejaculation.

I tried lot of things like thinking about something else when we where having sex, using two condoms, drinking couple of beers before entering bed. But non of this worked.

Then I bought bunch of products meant to delay premature ejaculation, but most of them just made the problem worse.

It wasn't till I really started reading up on the subject that I found ways which worked for me. I read everything on male sexuality, the ejaculation process and the emotional part of sexual performance.

I will share with you everything I have found relevant on this subject and how I finally cured my premature ejaculation permanently.

I will tell you...

  • What this is all about
  • What causes premature ejaculation
  • How every cure will work and what it will do
  • Which products help to delay premature ejaculation and which might make the problem worse

So if you want my help to delay your premature ejaculation, please click to continue...





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