Case Studies for Premature Ejaculation

" In this premature ejaculation study
that I am going to discuss you will see
that the problem has more to do how you
look at it than actual reality "

Study from the university of Koln shows that male who complained about comming too fast actually could last almost as long as the average men who did not complaint

The test was made on men who came to a usology clinic with the complaint that they came too fast. All the men where maried and had sex regurally. They where asked to time how long it would take them from sticking it in, untill they ejaculated. The average time was 2:32 minutes.

Then they got an other group of men who did not have any complaint and have them time their intercourse in the same way. Those men where also married and had regularly sex. What supercede many was that the average time for those men was 3:01 minutes, only half a minute longer than with those that complained about having problem

I can also add that in a research like this, most likely the men who did not complaint would rather have the tendency to add a little time than the men who where actually seeking help.

So What Is Premature Ejaculation Exactly ?

That is a question you only answer for your self. Most men ejaculate withing three minutes after entering the vagina, like many studies show. Most women however could never come in such a short time.

An other pont is that you will never be able to build up real positive intensity in just two or three minutes. You will never reach the highest, most intense way of sex in such a short time.

But if you and your partner are happy with your two three minutes, you don't have to consider your self a premature ejaculator.

I However Have Another Definition !

I belief most men are actually premature ejaculators. I belief that healthy state of being is to be able to enjoy sex for as long as you want without coming.

If you do not face your problem you are missing, and denying your partner of, such a big pleasure in life that I don't think you can ever be really happy.

This is however only my point of view and if you are happy, you can consider your self like everybody else. Just like I was ;-)

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