Premature Ejaculation Exercises...
The Best Cure I Know !

" Premature ejaculation exercises
is the treatment that finally cured me.

After I found a solid premature ejaculation exercise program
 that took on every aspect of my problem,
I cured permanently within few weeks.
And I have never suffered from it since "

Although premature ejaculation is most often caused by emotional anxiety there seams to be that the best way to cure it is to practice some physical premature ejaculation exercises.

I say physical when indeed they deal with the emotional reality more than you would think.

There Are Five Things a Great Premature Ejaculation Exercise Program Has to Have

Before I cured my premature ejaculation I tried three different exercise programs with no results. What I know now, and wish I had known then, is that although they took on part of the problem, they where not extensive enough to cure all aspects of premature ejaculation.

Here are the five things program has to have...

  • Relaxation Exercises...

    Premature ejaculation is almost always caused by some kind of anxiety. It is essential that you can learn to relax you body and mind when facing the high intense situation of intercourse.

    There are several exercises you can practice to learn to do that.

  • PC Muscles Exercises...

    Some men claim that exercising the PC muscles will even make the problem worse. I don't agree...

    The thing is that anxiety such as fear, anger, shame, and other kinds is stored in your muscles. When you are frightened, for example, your shoulder tense up. If you are often frightened your shoulder stay tense and you develop muscular rheumatism.

    The same thing happens with the PC muscles. Especially if you store some amount of sexual shame, which most of us do. The problem with the PC muscles is that they are located in very delicate area. Among other close to the prostate which controls the ejaculation system.

    When you start exercising your PC muscles, before you get them in good shape, there might be short in-between time where the problem even gets a little worse. If this happens you can be sure that you are on the right track. And you should defiantly keep on exercising because when you get over that hill the results will be better than ever.

    Other thing about exercising the PC muscles is that many men that suffering from premature ejaculation will never get full hard on. This is most often caused by anxiety and can be part of what leads to premature ejaculation. PC muscles exercises have always been proven to increase the blood flow to the penis making it harder and stronger erection.

  • Awareness Premature Ejaculation Exercises

    These are probably the most important premature ejaculation exercises. And if done right they will defiantly do much to cure your premature ejaculation. And in combination with the other types of exercises you can be almost 100% sure to get rid of your problem.

    Awareness exercises will get you aware of every stage you go through from the time you first get aroused until you reach the point of no return. And also helping you realize how you feel in each stage.

    The fact is that while premature ejaculation is always caused by either inexperience, where you simple do not have any idea when you are about to come, or anxiety, where you have too much built up tension to feel it when you are to close to the point of no return. In both cases what is lacing is you being aware of what is going.

    If you knew exactly what you where going through, either your subconscious would make sure you did not move to fast over to the place of no return, or you could take conscious actions to avoid that.

    You would also be able to separate your overwhelming anxiety from your positive sexual intensity. That way your anxiety would not take over and push you into premature ejaculation.

  • Exercises to Avoid Premature Ejaculation

    Although the final goal of every premature ejaculation exercise program is that you will automatically be able to last as long as you want, there is good to practice few exercises that will pull you back from the place of no return if you are getting to close to it.

    After you practice those exercises they will become natural and not interrupt with the flow of lovemaking.

  • You Should Be Able to Exercise Alone First and Then With a Partner if You Want to

    Some exercise programs are built up that way that you have to practice with a partner. I believe this is simple too nerve racking.

    I at least, even if I have the most understanding loving partner, wanted to get some self confident before I involved my partner in the exercises.

    Also you might not even have a steady partner. It would be kind of strange on a first date to ask a woman to do some premature ejaculation exercises with you.

Most Premature Ejaculation Exercise Programs Do not Include All This ! 

Out of all the programs that I have checked out and asked about there is only one program that I believe has all the factors needed to guarantee to cure your premature ejaculation.

I actually, tried a least three programs before I found this one.

And I give most of my success of curing my premature ejaculation to this program. It was not a quick fix. I had to commit to exercising every day. But finally it paid off and now I do not regret minute I spent on the premature ejaculation exercises.

The programs name is The Ejaculation Master. It includes everything I want in a good premature ejaculation exercises program, and you can find it here...






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