Nice Guys Finish Last,
and scum-bags get the girls!

" There is a very simple reason
why nice guys finish last "

Why is it that nice guys finish last all the time and never get the girls they want ?

And the girls always seem to go for guys who really have nothing to give them ?


You listen to your "female friends" for days and months and support them 100% and then they go out with someone else.

And you are not getting any !!!

The first question is: are you really such a nice guy ?

Honestly, you are listen to your "female friends" their reality and their problems and what they like and what they don't like. You listen for days and weeks.

And you are ready to do everything for them. Everything that you think will make them happy. You give them roses, candy or sweet words.

But all you really want is to get into their pants...

You might have some fantasy that you want to love her for the rest of your life. Or that you could treat her better than her boyfriends have. But in reality you are mostly craving for what is between her legs. And that is why you are so frustrated that nice guys finish last.

You are not being honest and that is not nice. So you are not really such a nice guy and that is the problem.

You want to stop acting like the nice guy and start getting some from these beautiful women who you are "friend" to.

So how does "nice guy" make it to 1# position ?

You have to accept that your way doesn't work. You will always be the nice guy who finish last if you keep on doing things your way.

You must learn from the men who have more success than you. And those men don't act like a nice guy. But most of them are in fact more honest than you are.

They tell the women what they feel about them

They ask for what they want

They give without expecting anything back

And they get all the girls

Women trust them because they are honest enough to express their reality truthfully and they know how to do it in attractive way.

Men who are successful with women don't use cheap pickup lines or sleazy seduction techniques. And women love and trust them for that.

They know the balance between talking and listening. They seem to be naturally charming and generous (although most of them have actually learned to be this way). And they never lay so low to be seen or felt as a fake.

These are the nice guys who never finish last...

And you can become like them. You can study how they do it. How they act. What they do.

You will stop acting like nice guy and become one in reality. And you will become irresistible to the women around you.

There have been literally thousands of books written about seducing women and how to get any woman into your bed. But most of these books are worthless.

Either they are full of pickup lines or creepy seduction tricks that will only give you bad reputation. Example of this is the book Guy Gets Girl that has tricks I really don't like even if they might work.

On the other hand there is a book called How To Be Irresistibly Attractive. This book is not about sleazy tricks or just how to get girls to have sex with you.

This guide tells you how to become a real ladies man. How to be attractive to every woman around you by being your self and expressing your true self. It is in reality, although the author never talks about it, how to stop being the nice guy who finish last. You can fiend this guide here...






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