Does Your Partner Premature Ejaculate ?

" How can you help your partner to overcome
his premature ejaculation and what should
you say to him to address the problem "

When talked about premature ejaculation it is often said that the man suffers from it.

However the partner is probably the one that suffers more. A least the male is comming and getting something out of this, his partner doesn't get anything else than dead.

The dread and shame is actually the worst thing about this problem. Your partner could easily satisfy you in many ways although he came faster than you. But the shame about comming too fast is so overwhelming for him that it builds up a wall between you, making the problem twice as bad.

That is what my loving wife pointed out to me...

But Bringing Up the Problem Is Not Easy

You might have talked about it before and you might have noised lot of emotions involved. He might even become angry when you talk about it, but the anger is just a mask for the shame that is underneath

Just to make point though. If your partner comes too fast, he is probably angry. Anger is one of the emotions that cause premature ejaculation. That anger though has probably nothing to do with you in reality. Even if he might think so. You can read more about the causes of premature ejaculation in other articles of this page.

So be as calm and loving as you can when you bring this up. Don't mention the word "Premature Ejaculation" unless he brings it up. Just talk about sex in general and tell him that you read in an article that over 70% males actually ejaculate within three minutes of sticking it in (this is true). This will help him realizing that he is not abnormal in any way.

Then you can calmly wonder how strange it is that men in general ejaculate that fast but women in general need a least ten to fifteen minutes, if they come at all.

You may even take big part of the responsibility saying that you would love to learn to practise comming your self. This is of course depending on if you have a easy time comming or not. Each partner has to be reasonable for their own sexual pleasure. If you have never been able to come with a man then your partner's short comming is just half the problem.

Take your time talking about sex with your partner. It might take weeks to start melting down the wall. If your partner is more open, ready to talk about sex, and even mention premature ejaculation him self, then you can move faster and talk more openly about the real problem.

Just remember the goal here is to develop intermit high quality sex, not to jab at your partner or add on the shame he already has.

When the Time Is Right Mention This Site

When you feel he is open to talk about the problem tell him that you came across this site, where some man talks about how he learned to last longer. Tell him that I discuss how shamed I was about my problem, when in reality I was just like most other men. Hopefully your partner is into checking this out.

Best is if he checks this out first by him self and then you can have a look at it to gather. Let him know that you would love to practice some of the exercises in the exercise program with him and that you think it would be lot of fun. The exercises are actually spice to the relationship.

The Goal For Now is Not necessarily to Overcome Premature Ejaculation

The goal rather to talk about the problem and talk about your sex life in general. But talking openly about your sex life, what you like and what you would love to do, you will melt the sexual shame wall that premature ejaculation often brings into a relationship. Then the two of you can find a good cure to overcome the problem to gather.

So talk about this with him, be as loving as you can, and remember the final goal is intermit loving sexual relationship.

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