Premature Ejaculation Treatments !

" I am going to discuss the four main
Premature Ejaculation treatments available.
I tried them all and several brands of each. "

What I found out was that most premature ejaculation treatments sold are no good.

I have gotten this confirmed by endless emails from men in the same situation you are.

The most scary part about this problem is how many manufactures, and even doctors, are ready to take advantages of us to make money. When it is in fact rather easy to treat premature ejaculation if done right.

I am going to start with the treatment I dislike the most.

Desensitize Cream / Spray

I consider this the worst treatment sold. The fact is that desensitize creams and spray can even make the problem worse not better.

There are several reasons why those creams and sprays are so bad. You can read more about that here...

Pills and Medicine

I tried several brands of pills and personally don't think that they work for most men. I felt a difference, though, especially with one brand. But I think it was mostly my believe system. It has been proven that most people get a little bit better from taking pills with no medicine in them if they are told it will cure them.

A least it didn't cure my premature ejaculation I only felt a little difference. You can read more about how those pills work here...

Self Hypnosis

Believe it or not, hypnosis is a great treatment for premature ejaculation. The hypnosis text somehow taps into the subconscious, the part of your brain that you are not aware of and controls, among others, your ejaculation system. By getting control of the subconscious we can little by little change the pattern of coming to fast.

I first started to see real improvement when I got Victoria's hypnosis CD. Listening to it twice a day helped me to relax more during sex and separate the anxiety that caused my premature ejaculation from the present moment. You can read more about how hypnosis works as premature ejaculation treatment here...

Premature Ejaculation Exercises

This is the treatment that I finally cured me. After I found a solid program that took on every aspect of my problem, I cured my problem permanently within few weeks. And I have never suffered from it since.

" This  exercises program 
are in my opinion the best
treatment  you can find "

The only catch is that you have to find solid exercise program that takes on every aspect of the problem. Exercising one or two or three exercises and thinking that you are going to cure your problem is not going to cut it. I had actually purchased three programs before I found one solid enough to help me for real.

And then you also have to exercise almost every day to permanently cure your premature ejaculation. But the exercises are fun so that is okay.

You can read more about how exercises work and what good program has to include here...




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