Prevent Premature Ejaculation by Learning About the Core of It

" To delay your remature  ejaculation you
have to understand what it really is.

I know the simplest explanation is of course
"It is just to come to fast ",
but there is more to it than that... "

It is actually matter of opinion how quickly you have to come to be considered premature ejaculator.

For example, when I only lasted five seconds (this is honest truth) I would have given anything if I could only hold off for five minutes.

And the fact is that most men will never last more than five minutes their whole life. So if you compare your self to the average man, holding off for more than three minutes would not be considered premature ejaculation.

But most women need a least fifteen minutes to reach orgasm so you see this does not really fit well.

But you already know you have this sexual problem ...

I am only pointing out to you that majority of men actually suffer from this problem. This is infact considered the most common sexual disfunction.

You are just one of few that are doing something about it...

All this means is that you are now one of many who has this problem, but after you cure your prematurity you will become one of few who can last forever.

I wish I had known this when I was in my deepest dark shame, it would defiantly have lightened up a little.

But even if so few men can control their orgasm, the fact remains premature ejaculation is a problem.

I strongly believe our natural state of being is to be able to last as long as we want and have passionate sex where both partners are totally satisfied.

I state this both from a personal experienced where my sex life totally changed from what I would call hell to... well the only word is heaven. And also from numerous letters I have received where couples share the same experience.

So it is a fact that if you  premature ejaculate you can be cured, and almost everybody who makes an effort will succeed.

This has gotten me utterly convinced that this is just like a flue, something that bothers us for a while but is not our natural way of being.

What is it then that cause for this problem?

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