Prostate Gland Infection Can
Cause Premature Ejaculation

" Although Premature Ejaculation is most often belived
to be caused by emotional tension, new researches
indicate that prostate gland infection can sometimes
play some role "

Scientist tested men who claimed to suffer from premature ejaculation for infection in the prostate gland. Then they tested other men who could last for pretty long time. The men where all at the same age, same marriage status, and had sex regularly.

The outcome was shocking. Majority of the men who suffered from premature ejaculation had some level of infection in their prostate gland. When almost none of the men who could last for longer time.

What Does This Tell Us About Premature Ejaculation ?

For me this was a big su price. In my experience and from what I heard from others, it is very easy to cure premature ejaculation using good exercise program. How can the exercises cure infection in the prostate gland ?

Well, the little I know about the prostate gland is that it is located around the anus opening, between the anus and the genitals. It is like a walnut a size and produces the liquid that the sperm swims in. And stimulating it feels extremely good and can even provide "dry orgasm" for some men.

Could Stimulating the Prostate Gland Cure Your PE ?

The PC exercises that are part (although only small part) of most premature ejaculation exercise program will stimulate the prostate gland. By clutching the PC muscles you add and release a little pressure on the prostate gland. Although not widely known this might clean the prostate from infection.

Also by loosing up the PC muscles, they will not be tense and press on the prostate all the time.

Other exercises will deficiently have the site effects to increase the flow of sperm fluid through the prostate gland. This will make it more active and may also clean it from infection.

You can read more about premature ejaculation exercise programs here

Medicine May Also Play Some Role

I have never been a big fan of medicine and pills if I can find a natural way to cure my problems. However the premature ejaculation pills that I used seemed to make some difference for me.

Maybe what happened that the Chines remedy I took also cleaned the prostate gland. It is an old secret remedy that nobody really knows what does, but it has worked for centuries and that is why it sells.

You can read more about premature ejaculation pills here





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