Talking About Your Premature Ejaculation Problem With New Partner

" Telling your girlfriend that you suffer
from premature ejaculation is one of
the most embarrassing thing to do.
But doing it right can build your
relationship even stronger "

You know the embarrassing moment when you are with a woman you have been dating and get to bed for the first time.

And you know that you are going to blow off few seconds after you stick it in.

And you just dread how she is going to respond...

What are you going to tell her ?

You Could Lie to Her...

You could lie about it and say that you are the world's greatest lover and after you come too fast you could keep on lying and say this had never happened before. Well she will soon find out that you are lying and she will be very angry to be lied to.

And the word will go out and you won't be able to lie much longer. It is always better to talk about this either before or after you come too fast the first time.

You Don't Have to Tell Her Anything Until Afterward...

You could not say anything and she will most likely be disappointed and wonder what was wrong with you or if there was something wrong with her. This might also create very embarrassing moments after you ejaculate and make it less likely that you will get to gather again.

If you are not planing to tell her anything before you have sex, I recommend that you try to get her of orally first and take longest time in the foreplay getting her as satisfied as possible before you stick it in.

If you plan to keep on dating that woman, make sure that you talk about it right after you have sex for the first time that you tend to come that fast if you are very excited and haven't had sex for some time. There is nothing as bad as having a free floating dread in the air.

You are of course going to be totally ashamed about this but she will appreciate your honesty.

You don't have to mention that you are trying out few premature ejaculation treatments until you have got to know each other a little bit better.

Best Is to Tell Her Before You Stick It In...

The best way in my opinion is to tell her before you stick it in and risk that she will never talk to you again. This way you also know for sure if she is really into you or not.

I don't think that many women would dump you if you tell them this in before hand. You should just tell her that sometimes, especially when you haven't had sex for a long time, you come very fast.

You don't have to make the problem look any worse than it is. You could tell her that this is not does not happen every time and that you just would love to get her off orally or get it up later on again and last way longer (if that is reality).

Pick the time to tell her about your premature ejaculation problem when you are very intimate. Best time is when you are both in bed being a little sexual, like kissing, touching and talking.

She will most likely value you for being honest and be even more into you than before.

Don't wait until right before you stick it in when the tension is at the highest level and talk like that would just ruin the moment.




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